Gitarrenatelier am Schlachtensee

Gitarrenatelier am Schlachtensee

Pia Offermann

5.0 (10)
Kürzlich gebucht
14163, Berlin

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Ich gebe seit über 20 Jahren Unterricht für Klassische Gitarre aller Stile, Epochen und Genres. Gerne biete ich auch Ihnen exklusiven Unterricht für Konzertgitarre.
Seit 1996 gebe ich Gitarrenunterricht. lch bin nebenbei als Konzertgitarristin international unterwegs und arbeite als Dozentin an der Hochschule für Künste in Bremen im Bereich künstlerische Ausbildung.

Mein Anliegen ist es, mein Wissen und künstlerischen Fähigkeiten an Sie weiterzugeben, ganz egal wie alt Sie sind. Ich unterrichte Kinder ab 5 Jahren aufwärts, i.R. bis zum Abitur; Erwachsene Anfänger, Wiedereinsteiger, Fortgeschrittene und Profis.
Ich arbeite mit Studenten und bereite auf das Musikstudium vor. Ich berate und unterrichte Kollegen technisch und musikalisch.

Der Gitarrenunterricht findet in meinem Gitarrenatelier am Schlachtensee, 5 Minuten Fußweg vom S- Bahnhof Mexikoplatz, statt.

Detaillierte Informationen zum Inhalt und Methode sind nachzulesen auf den websites: und
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Kürzlich gebucht
20 Jahre Berufserfahrung
Gitarrenlehrer für Kinder und Jugendliche
Gitarrenlehrer für Erwachsene
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10 Bewertungen

  • Siempre tan noble y poetica, meditativa y profunda! .. « weniger mehr »
  • PIA GAZAREK-OFFERMANN is a totally phenominally gifted ARTIST. Once you hear this exceptional artistry, you will be knocked off of your ignorance seat! This woman is so incredible no matter what she touches! Her tone is all that great tone can be! Technique to give away! A great interpreter in the highest realms! Let me say that it was a rare treat to hear such an incredibly sensitive artist share her immense and deep musicality with us. Her encore of a simple Etude by Fernando Sor transported us into another world as inner voices fluttered like the wings of gentle butterflys! She will leave you so touched and moved that you will crave more and more. She will cast a spell on you when you get a chance to experience her mind blowing depth of artistry. This wonderful artist and beautiful human being, will have you travel to every nook and cranie of the musical world … « weniger mehr »
  • From the first notes you know what the climate of this recording will be: poetic and deep. What is present in each piece - whatever its type of language: tonal, atonal, modal and any other combinations possible - is a deep feeling for Life and an authentic sensibility and intelligence. And Pia Gazarek-Offermann’s interpretation is at the same level: excellent. She offers a very convincing performance that contributes to our understanding and love of this music. She is truly outstanding. Listening to that exquisite playing, you understand who Pia Gazarek-Offermann is. She has a great sensibility in her phrasing and she has her own special sound, extremely pure. This helps her to convey to the listener a world of inner poetry. She is nothing but a true artist who never wants to show off but aims to speaking to us, something we need today more than ever. Indeed we need a music that speaks about our time: us, our questions and feelings about truth, tenderness, depth or delicious lightness. And she is delivering that. Let’s listen … « weniger mehr »
  • I must say that your playing is quite wonderful. So sensitive and so poetic, finely textured, played with strong feeling, but yet measured and well proportioned. Your sensitivity towards the music is acute and finely tuned and you are able to bring the listener into that refined understanding of these wonderful pieces ... « weniger mehr »
  • The overal feeling is that you are playing from inside the music, not at all wrestling with the composare's intentions; this is obviously a big achievement. I was really surprised by your ability to put new life into Mompou's suite (the tempo and lightness of the 1st mvt. is really fantastic). I've heard this suite so often, but it can sound so tired or just frozen in the way its approached. Here the piece is rejuvinated, I think (maybe even to the point of bringing out some of the flaws in the actual composition) The sound quality is also striking - especially the high registers are absolutely magical ... « weniger mehr »
  • In the gifted hands of Pia Gazarek-Offermann, the many varied textures in the compositions were crafted with expertise and knowing musical understanding.The thematic variety in this composition will surely challenge the greatest musical minds in make coherent sense of so much variety but Pia is up to the task ... What Pia does is to make these works one jewel after another. Her use of tone color, phrasing and articulation is of the highest realm of execution which makes the music sings it's best song ... in this musical world we yearn for our hearts to be touched and senses awakened, here is someone who does just that and more. PIA GAZAREK-OFFERMANN must be experienced! « weniger mehr »
  • I have listen to your CD already more than 5 times already from beginning to end and I am still listening to it right now! It is superb! It is gorgeous! You emotions, phrasing, and beautiful quality of who you are is ringing loudly in my ears as I write you this thank you note. I will never forget this. You are an inspiration to the world and to myself. You are a true artist of high and divine beauty ... I am a lover of all the art, literature, dance, and music. You are the true representation of true art. I am just a humble servant of art and music, but you are the true gifts of art. Thank you once again! ... « weniger mehr »
  • Eine CD, auf die Du sehr stolz sein kannst - und die ich ohne Bedenken in der internationalen Top-Garde der GitarristInnen ansiedeln würde ... « weniger mehr »
  • The color, the phrasing really shapes the piece in a way I have never heard, I particularly like the tempo of the first movement. I will now play your interpretation for my students who play this work! It has to be one of the best. It is clear you are so passionate about the piece and understand the work on the deepest level ... « weniger mehr »
  • Your playing is so beautiful in Chavarri's rare Sonata! Brava! Also Great performance ! .. « weniger mehr »
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