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André Moecke

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81929, München

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I started my career as a sports photographer working for three years affiliated with a company specialized in running and adventure’s race. The speed, adrenaline, tension and every unique landscape were always my fuel to keep going on this career. Meanwhile, attending Architecture and Urban Planning University expanded my world.

The Architecture course is very broad, which allowed me to study a variety of subjects, from art, history, anthropology and philosophy to calculus and construction in theory and practice. Studying colors, shapes, lights, shadows, human scale and materials increased my interest in graphic design and in exploring new compositions and subjects in photography. Since then I focused on architecture and interior design photography with some works in portrait and still (food, jewelry and clothing) from small architecture offices to big textile and footwear industries. I also had the opportunity to work as an assistant for a Brazilian fashion and lifestyle photographer (matheusalves.com). Another great experience I went through was in and out a studio, setting up lights and equipment for different photoshoots (still, fashion, action, lifestyle) as well as assembling scenarios and interacting with the production crew and models. With a collaboration of colleges, I have also been part of architectural and institutional short-movie productions.

As a person who prefers to be involved in projects from the beginning to the final execution, I forced myself to be self-trained in graphic design, which became something I’m passionate about. I always prioritize the evolvement with post-production to ensure the final product is according to my expectations on every project particularity. In time, I carry a lot of experience in post-production work for photographers and agencies. « wenigermehr »
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