Mayra Lissette Conde

Mayra Lissette Conde

Mayra Conde

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60327, Frankfurt

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I specialise in true Functional Strength Training, Bodybuilding, advanced Flexibility, Thorasic Spine Mobility, spinal health, and Total Body Strengthening.  
I have by far the most extensive experience (32+yrs) and understanding in sports rehabilitation & correct fitness training than any other fitness trainer in Germany to help you achieve your personal fitness goals using new and improve training methods.  
I believe in"training, not straining" 
My goal is to make you feel better, look better, and move better. « wenigermehr »
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Personal Trainer (Gruppe)
Personal Trainer
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3 Bewertungen

  • "Training with Mayra is a pure pleasure! Mayra's wide knowledge of the anatomy, training methods, supplements, healthy living, etc. gives anyone a good insight and a motivation to achieve good results. The sessions always flow too quickly and you never feel bored or want to quit. Even days when you are extremely tired from work and scared that you cannot go through the training, somehow you manage and the tiredness is gone and you feel great again. Thanks to Mayra, I look upon life, nutrition and training from an healthier angle and I have learned a great deal about training from Mayra. I always tell my friends; one hour with Mayra is equivalent of 10 hours by myself in the gym - a good investment!" « weniger mehr »
  • Working with Mayra past 5 years has been terrific. Her attention to detail and specific work plan gave me the personalized training I needed. Mayra dedicates herself to the athletes and her excellent work ethic means the athletes receive top quality. When I made the decision to race my first Ironman in 2009, I knew I'd need quality training with her at the gym to help me prepare for the race. From crafting weekly training sessions to developing a nutrition plan; analyzing results to setting new training goals; answering questions via email and phone conversations - Mayra covered all the points. Some of the things that have impressed me the most about Mayra as a person and a Coach are: Mayra is an attentive listener; she has always listened to me and given meaningful, regular feedback during my training. She is very personable and approachable. She responds to my emails and phone calls promptly and always makes me feel like I am valued. Mayra has taken the time to get to know me as a person/athlete (what motivates me, my goals and my approach/attitude to training). This knowledge has ensured that the program she provides is interesting, focussed, balanced and appropriately challenging. Mayra is a top level athlete herself and I think this gives her a high degree of credibility. She knows what works and what doesn't. As an athlete she can relate to the highs and lows of training and as a Coach she is able to motivate, guide and offer practical solutions. At the end I had a great race with Mayra's hellp (11h 31 min) and I look forward to working with Mayra for my next big goal: qualifying for Hawaii. " « weniger mehr »
  • "I have worked with Mayra Lissette Conde since September 2011. She knows just how and when to encourage me. My achievements to date are largely due to Mayra's winning combination of varied training methods, personalized exercise programs & challenging and attainable target setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge of health and fitness guarantees an enthusiastic commitment to her work and finally to her clients. Which in terms provide the winning scenario for a new healthier lifestyle. My highest recommendation". « weniger mehr »
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