nettmusik (netzlabel für elektronische tanzmusik)

Michael Lorenz

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01127, Dresden

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discography michael lorenz:

1987 started the outsider under the name BCR (Big Crazy rapper) its career as rapper of the Breakdanceformation at that time “BREAK Force” in Cottbus. From the idea an apprentice contest in things culture to win a purposeful and ambitious Hip Hop project in the GDR at that time became. Fast one took dance floor for dance floor for itself. With the turn O U T of this project came. But it did not remain unconsidered.

1991 packed the outsider under the name “Michael of Boon” then the Deejay fever. Many years followed as DJ in the scene and club operators in “PLASMA at that time” Hoyerswerda. One could say without exaggeration that he was considerably also for the groundbreaking and spreading of electronic music regional and supraregional involved. It played with many sizes begun with Marcos Lopez, Dr. Motte, Paul van Dyk, George Morell, Robert Hood, Joey Beltram in clubs like the "Tresor" & "Cafe Moskau" in Berlin or the "Nachtcafé" in Munich etc. Particularly and over everything away impressed it the Gig with Frankie Valentine coined. There became fast clear it, which should strike its musical heart for the melancholy and deepen rhythms.

1999 developed the own radio ending “night flight”, those as transparency to its large Radioidol, Andre Langenfeld (Fritz “Nightflight”) for 2 x weekly for 3 hours over the Dresdener sender “neon 425” 6 years. With it all local sizes of the Techno, House and Hip Hop scene were so rather to guest and were to speech and response.

2004 he tried with the up to then already long gotten used to Deejay “scout” as a label operator. It came to the production of a vinyl. Unfortunately failed “VEB record”. But each end brings a new start. Anyway.

2006 he again recovered and is caught to own Beatz to tinker and again records turn.

2010 then the comeback on farbton records. with “sehnsucht” it plays itself into the hearts of many. remix for double c & marcus schmidt "signal 2.0" follows and released on PR Underground in norway.

2012 again stage presence and foundation-stone for n@m (nettmusik) of which 2013 start. It won a Remixcontest and publishes since then on some label in Germany. Also internationally it wins ever more hearts for itself. remixes from artists were made and published by "heimatlos" ,for example, for Czech Republic to poland. This Production created it even at place 4 into the international deephouse charts.

Its sound reportaire goes from deep and melancholy Tunes to the rhythmic Techhouse.
He is exactly the correct man for the morning hours or the small clubs, in which he does magic an unmistakable magic. « wenigermehr »
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Erhalten Sie Angebote von nettmusik (netzlabel für elektronische tanzmusik) und weiteren Profis aus Ihrer Umgebung

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