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Eddy Norton

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Mit diversen Ausbildungen, Studium, Lizenzen und Zertifikaten habe ich mir mein Know How bestätigen lassen.
- Deutsche Trainer Akademie - Fitness und Gesundheitstrainer Lizenz,
- DTA Personal Trainer Zertifikat,
- Deutsche Trainer Akademie - Mental Coach,
- Hypnose Coach
- Leistungsdiagnostiker Laktat
- BSA Akademie Köln - Group Fitness Trainer , Aerobik Trainer
- Studium Darmstadt - Ernährungsberater
- Hypnose Coach
- Transatlantic Fitness - TRX Trainer
- Transatlantic Fitness - Rip Trainer
- Safs & Beta / München - Food Coach
- Fit Com / Muc & Düsseldorf - Zertifikat Personal Training, Functional Trainer
- Zertifizierungen: Personal Fitness Trainer, PNF Dehnmethode, Trampolin World Junping Trainer,
Rock Tape Coach, Laktat-Leistungsdiagnostiker « wenigermehr »
CHECK24 geprüft
20 Jahre Berufserfahrung
1 Mitarbeiter
Bootcamp Fitness
Kampfsportlehrer für Kinder und Jugendliche
Personal Trainer (Gruppe)
Personal Trainer
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  • All my girlfriends got together to surprise me for my birthday with a gift certificate of 12 sessions from a personal trainer of my choice. Now I was finally ready to get back in shape and I knew it would not be that easy… Thank goodness I found Eddy Norton, who not only eased the process of regaining my health but also makes our training sessions something I still truly look forward to (even after 8 months). He is super professional, dedicated, and inspirational and truly cares about the overall health of his clients. Eddy’s endless knowledge of the most effective exercises including nutrition tips have helped me boost my metabolism and radically lower my body fat. These results and all other transformations are easy to track through his regular assessments. Needless, to say I cannot say enough good things about him and I highly recommend Eddy Norton! « weniger mehr »
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