Rocky Montana

Rocky Matejka

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Since 1999 my personal lifestyle is strongly committed to my music. My passion for Hardcore Techno is a deep feeling that just can be described as love.

Grown up I listened to different kinds of music. Hip Hop, Ska, Trance, OI.
In the year 1999 I came in contact with Gabber music & after visiting my first ‘’Hellraiser’’ Rave I knew what kind of religion I will follow

Living in the Ruhrgebiet Area offered me countless possibilities to celebrate my new cult! I was & I am still one of the most known presenters of the German underground Hardcore movement.

After many years & countless parties around the World I realized that being a dancer was not enough for me.

In the year 2010 I decided to learn everything about making music & started with my Dj/Producer career.

That was the moment Rocky Montana was born!


Hardcore/Hardtek/Frenchcore/Tribecore/HardTekk/Uptempo/Terror/Industrial-HC/Crossbreed/UKHardcore/Drum&Bass/Hardtechno/Darkcore/Millenium Hardcore/Rocky Montana Style

Today I have played in several countries in Europe. I played on a number of big events like MASTERS OF HARDCORE..... BLACKOUT FESTIVAL...... FUCKPARADE

2014 I was the chosen ''RESIDENT DJ'' for THE TERRORDOME (Decided by DJ DISTORTION the boss of the Label MEGARAVE/RIGE ENTERTAINMENT & head of the ROTTERDAM TERROR CORPS)

After the short but intensive time at the Terrordome, I started to produce my own Style & worked with Artists like DJ DARKCONTROLLER or MC RAW!!! Other projects of me are ''THE ZELFMOORD PILOTEN'' with DOOD LA BASE (SPAIN) or ''LICENCE 2 KILL'' with THE BASSRIDER!

Without any support of an official booking agency or big label, it is hard to get a job.

I was also not open to play for 50€ because I made me a name on the bookings I had before.

In 2016 the music became the second place of my life & my mission to raise the human consciousness started.

From that time on I concentrated 100% on the research I was guided to. After my mission to bring higher knowledge to humanity I will continue with my music producing!

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