Tim Granbacka

Tim Granbacka

Tim Granbacka

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12043, Berlin

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I offer guitar lessons in English or Swedish, I also speak ein bisschen Deutsch.

I'm a 25 year old musician from Finland, living in Berlin since 3 years back. Before moving here I studied guitar at Novia University of Applied Sciences. I've been teaching guitar on the side of my studies. In Berlin I studied music production for one year at dBs Music Berlin and since that I've been working as a freelance musician, music producer, voice over artist, composer and so on.

In Berlin I do live gigs almost on a weekly basis, and I'm involved in a few very interesting projects.

Genre-wise I have a good knowledge of jazz, pop, soul, 60-70s rock, but also country and folk. I've done A LOT of songwriting over the years so that's something I can also help you with. Other skills I have is production in Pro Tools and Ableton, audio engineering, and arranging.

I play the guitar left handedly. If you're right handed, don't worry, I have never encountered any problems in teaching in the opposite direction, and I also learned from a right handed guitar teacher myself.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • Tim is very friendly and professional, explains everything easily and, above all, loves what his profession. He's young but very experienced. Our lessons were fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend! « weniger mehr »
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