Wellway Spors

Wellway Spors

Thomas Sommer

5.0 (6)
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91056, Erlangen

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Konzeptionell fundiert, persönlich betreut und auf Ihre Wünsche und Ziele zugeschnitten – das ist unser Anspruch an ein individuell ausgerichtetes und gesundheitsorientiertes Krafttraining.
Als Lehrer für Sport, Prävention und Rehabilitation sowie als erfahrene Sporttrainer arbeiten wir für namenhafte Firmen wie Puma® und die AOK und betreuen seit Jahren im Bereich Training und betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement Kunden aus ganz Deutschland.
Das Unternehmen Wellway Sports wurde aus Begeisterung und Leidenschaft für den Sport gegründet. Wir verstehen unsere Kunden und ihre Wünsche sowie deren Erfüllung mit Hilfe durchdachter und persönlich zugeschnittener Trainingskonzepte.
»Thinking sports personally« ist die logische Konsequenz unseres Denkens und unser unternehmerischer Anspruch. « wenigermehr »
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Personal Trainer (Gruppe)
Personal Trainer
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6 Bewertungen

  • Wellway Sports gym has dedicated trainers that keep you motivated. Thomas is ever present making sure your form is correct and always pushes you to outdo yourself. Great atmosphere and equipment with plenty of classes to choose from. « weniger mehr »
  • Awesome experience! Can't want 'till they open up their first gym. Have been training with them for many years now!!! They still challenge me. « weniger mehr »
  • Richtig gutes Gym mit den Toys die das Herz eines Kraftsportler höher schlagen lässt. « weniger mehr »
  • I’ve been doing the ‘Stronger You’ course at this newish gym that has fabulous trainers & coaches. I am not a gym person but the concept of this course appealed to me as it is ‘only’a 10-week course of twice a week weight training. I wanted to get stronger and a little more toned for my day to day activities and after 6/7 weeks already felt the difference. For instance The little desired and usually painful job of cleaning our terrace that would previously end in muscle pain was this time around much easier to get done and I certainly didn’t ache afterwards. It’s been fascinating to see how this getting stronger makes your daily life easier. The course is tailored to your abilities and you increase your weights slowly so you feel your doing something but it isn’t overly strenuous if you don’t want it to be. I will definitely continue with this. Haven’t yet tried the other classes like circuit or skills but they look fun as the coaches make it as much fun as possible and are definitely very focussed on everybody’s best outcome « weniger mehr »
  • A great place to go and get fit whether you speak German or English. As an ex-pat I had struggled to find the right fit for me in the area. I'm there a lot now - circuit classes, running group and now the 'Stronger You' class where I have started lifting weights for the first time. Wellway is different to other gyms as you always have an instructor near you helping you. It is also friendly, inviting, social and inspiring! This is so important as it keeps me motivated :) « weniger mehr »
  • This is a brilliant gym! Thomas and all the team are friendly, encouraging and fun. I've done a number of classes with him over the past 2 years, and loved each one. The atmosphere is always friendly, and the focus is on improving yourself, not about showing off, or competing with each other. I've just finished a 10 week strength training course and can see the progress I've made. My young boys now think I'm 'super strong' and 'awesome'. « weniger mehr »
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